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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 8, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 5:00, thank you for joining us on thursday, i am kristen sze. >> we will check the forecast, i am eric thomas. >> it is very humid so a frizzy hair day. to miles visibility at half moon bay and a lost that is drizzle. everyone looks like they have wide-spread drizzle so be
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careful. that will continue through 9:00. our forecast for the afternoon, a lot of sunshine inland and 70 to 78, and mild an the bay and mostly sunny and 64 to 74 and partly sunny at the coast to san francisco and 59 to 63. now leyla gulen has the commute the. >> good morning, mike, we have construction wrapping up in pleasanton and traveling along westbound 580, you can see we are still showing heavy traffic because the cones are not all picked up but we do have construction crews. slow for the cone zone and we have clear conditions over the altamont pass and the traffic is not built up yet and the golden gate bridge gets you from san francisco across the bay bridge and san mateo bridge is 12 minutes from east to west. outside we go and san jose is the drive along 280 away from 17, only one vehicle in the northbound direction. kristen and eric? >> contract talks will resume this morning between bart and
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the unions as the two sides try to reach a labor deal. yesterday, both sides made the case before a panel aimportanted by the governor. the demands of the unions are tens of will months apart but both sides dispute the exact amount. the union says that bart's request for higher employee benefit contributions forces them into a zero game cat and bat says the latest office a 9 percent pay rise over four years is fair. the board will deliver a report to the governor by the end of week and he will decide whether to grant the request for 60-day cooling off period. kira klapper will have a report in the next half hour. >> rising crime in san jose and according to new numbers, rising police resignation. the acting chief gave abc7 news report a one-on-one interview revealing how he will turn it around joining us from san jose. >> his land is to get more officers and you can see the san jose police department is in a
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hiring mode. 87 recruits are in the academy or getting training in the field. the numbers are not adding up. san jose is trying to grow the ranks, officers continue to lead the department at unprecedented levels. the latest stats show 41 resignations this year and another 23 retirements the same pace as last year's record levels of 69 resignations and 37 retirements. i sat with the aing police chief for an exclusive interview. he says morale is low in the department and he and city leaders need to figure a way to keep officers from leaving and his position is also unresolved. he did not apply for the chief's job in january and was appointed by the city manager saying personal reasons and a desire to retire in 2 1/2 years with 30 years of service. the chief was under the impression the city wanted someone for five years when i asked in our interview if he changed his mine, this is the
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answer. >> my limitations, i guess, but, also, what they want in terms of maybe there is something we can work out. i have not had that conversation. again, until then we will keep pushing forward. a pam says that the seven for a permanent chief is in a holding pattern 11 months after the last chief announced he was performing. they said they happy with the chief's performance and i discussed with chief with the officer and most say he is more than qualified and point to his recent crime suppression plan he is moving the department if the right direction. at 6:00, the chief revealed to me what he thinks is needed to stop the rising crime and why it is so difficult for his department to do that. >> developing news from oakland, where friends and family of a missing woman fear she may have met up with foul play, sandra coke vanished on sunday after
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leaving the home to meet with someone who had information on her stolen dogs. flyers have been posted and some think coke's disappearance could be related to her missing dog. and the lure of money may have lured someone to ham her with a reward of $1,000 and she has been dating on the intent, and her home computer was searched. >> develop news, authorities expanded amber alert to oregon and washington as they search for a man suspected of kidnapping a 16-year-old girl and killing her mother and possibly her 8-year-old brother. yesterday, the amber alert for james dimaggio and the any son was extend after a car matching that description was seen driving in northern california, and it was report flood was a siting in southern oregon. he could be traveling to canada. investigators say the body of children's mother was found sunday evening in a burned out home owned by dimaggio and
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family members believe a child's body found in the home is that of her 8-year-old brother. a preliminary hearing is scheduled in richmond for a mother charged with vehicular manslaughter if a rollover crash that killed her five-year-old daughter. authorities say the 30-year-old mother was driving on richmond parkway when she swerved to avoid a car and here five-year-old was not restrain asked thrown from the s.u.v. and killed. >> now an investigation involving crosswalk signal lights. the investigation finds that buttons you press can change traffic light so you can cross the street may not work. most of them are deactivated and only this to make you feel better about the wait. "good morning america" will have a full report on the investigation coming up at 7:00. >> happening thousand in southern california, hundreds of homes are threatened in riverside county as 500 firefighters battle a 6,000 acre
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wildfire that is burning 20 miles from palm springs. our reporter has the latest. >> home after home went up in flames at the raging inferno east of los angeles buns. >> the wind pushes it, as it moves to the east, it will continue to do that as the wind pushes it that way with the fuel. >> the fire has consumed several thousand acres and last night the firefighters conceded that there was no containment. >> depend on what the wind does it could change direction as the cooling moving in the opposite direction. as we move to that, we are going do have a different firefight. >> mandatory evacuations want into affect last night for several communities in harm's way. emergency shelters were set up in riverside county for anyone needing a place to spend the night. >> they got too close.
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too close. the fire is 100' away from us. >> several hundred firefighters are involved in the battle with helicopters and special aircraft tankers trying to tackle the iniffer know as this all-night fight heads infor the -- into the early morning and beyond. >> time for a check on the weather. >> your wipers are going, mine not so much. it depends on where you are. >> exactly. drizzle is out there and widespread. if it went through an area you could find slick streets but the drizzle is not falling where you. can you see the drizzle from emeryville back across the bay area to san francisco which we can not see because of the drizzle falling right now. the good side of this cooler-than-average weather we have low amounts of trees, ragweed, grass and mold, and ozone, and u.v. index is high when it breaks out you could
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burn quickly, now, look at the golden gate bridge you can see the road is wet. our day planner today, the next 12 hours, drizzle and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and by noon it will be dry but the moisture has moisture falling. by 4:00, we are mostly sunny around the bay and inland and partly sunny at the coast where it is 58 and 74 and grabs the jack coats it will be dry but the coast will be 58 to 68 through the evening. the next throw days show summer is slowly coming back in the forecast. it is gradual one to two degrees now the only commute. leyla gulen? >> we do have construction on the bay bridge and if you are traveling along the eastbound direction you will notice this, starting at fremont street, to the end of the tunnel before you reach this area, we have two lanes blocked off and it will be until 7:00 this morning and if
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you traveling along the westbound direction you are seeing quite a few early risers making the drive from emeryville into san francisco and roll is building before you reach treasure island and it does my along from there. as we take you over the altamont pass we have bumper-to-bumper traffic and 34 miles per hour is the top speed and 40 miles per hour as you start inching your way into livermore and outside, we will look at this drive through walnut creek southbound 680 away from highway 4, down to the 24 junction, it looks like traffic is moving very well and we are nine minutes to get you define highway 4 to 24. >> unlock the secrets of the past, the major discovery in central america giving us a new look at at the oldest civilizations and what a new study is revealing about the impact from climate change. >> target is opening new stores in the bay area and this is the fire danger from southern
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california, hundreds of jobs
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a report released by the california epa is providing a look at how climate change is affecting the state finding that since 1950, the three worst forest fires in terms of acres burned have occurred in the past decade and the average number of acres burns since 2000 is almost
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double the average of the previous 50 years. spring run off has declined affecting central valley farmers and the salmon populations are declining and coastal waters have more acid. >> regarding the health of lake tahoe, researchers say the clarity has improved and now you can see 6 feet more than the rest year and close to the target. researchers say less rain brought fewer watershed pollution and long-term climate change could lead to a drop in the lake surface level and deep water habitat the first time scientists have considered the impact of climate change on the lake. >> b.p. loses another expensive federal court ruling stemming from the 2010 oil spill. a federal judge ordered the company to pay $130 in fees to
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the administration who made claims. b.p. is trying to block payment on the claims while they investigate allegations of misconduct against an attorney who worked on the settlement program. former f.b.i. director freeh is heading the investigation and administration has been improving false claims and the oil company has been paying out $42 billion to people and businesses hurt by the oil spill. >> archaeologists made a stunning discovery in guatamala, "usa today" reports an international archeology team found a well preserved we sculpture outside a buried tomb that shows the crowning of a mayan ruler with the colors intact and it is 30' long and 6' tall and the find offers new insight on the politics of the mayan world. >> along with fertilizer and
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guardian hoses wal-mart is offering something surprises. here is the bloomberg business report. >> maybe be getting harder to access cash through online payday lenders with the justice department subpoenaed banks providing the service and the fdic is warning banks to stop processing the payments on behalf of those who charge up to 700 percent interest. >> there is help to pay back a student loan. a program for repaying federal loans allows you to peg the payment amount to your income and can can for the ball after 10 years. wal-mart toasting to the beer business, announcing they are selling beers and crafting relationships with distributors and redesigning stores to feature beer and cutting the price on the beers as it goes for the $45 billion beer market. that is the bloomberg business report. >> target is opening a new store
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in san rafael and has begun hiring nearly 400 people. they launched a mass hire event at college of marin yesterday, with targeting hiring at the shoreline center shore from cashiers to managers. some remain mired on-the-spot and it continues through saturday. target will be holding job fairs to staff other bay area stores. more detail on our website at and click on "see it on tv." >> candlestick park, niners and broncos. ready for pre-season football? >> we are! >> there is some drizzle at end of the game but that would be late in the game because it is 5:00 kickoff. hopefully it is over by 9:30 with temperatures in the low 60's and dropping into the mid-50's by the end of the game. we looking at cloud cover this remain on, mild conditions with temperatures in the upper 50's
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to low 60's and scattered drizzle through our morning commute. the clouds and how they are are hanging over san francisco, you can see the embarcadero at the bottom of the left-hand part of the screen and it is wet because of the drizzle that has fallen. today, slow sunshine, maybe not so slow as yesterday but in the same neighborhood and temperatures below average again. it will be mild and expect more drizzle for the friday morning commute and this weekend we will start to see the transition to a summer pattern that will take hold next week in the forecast. 90's could be back in the forecast next week. today we may not reach the 80's. as warm as we are in the south bay, and los gatos at 78, low-to-mid 70's for the santa clara battle and up the peninsula, same temperatures and upper 60's, and 60 in pacifica and daly city, and 62 in the sunset. 63 in downtown so not much of a spread across san francisco. south san francisco is 64. and 66 in sausalito.
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near 60 at the beaches. low-to-mid 70's through the valleys and 74 in napa, the warmest, with the sunshine. and 64 in berkeley and 63 in richmond, the cool spot up to 70 in castro valley and fremont at 69 and in the east bay valley we go low-to-upper 70's. at the game, or today, 12:45, first pitch, 62 and warming to 64 with increasing sunshine and you may need sunscreen if you are in the sun of the temperatures tonight are mainly in the mid to upper 50's with drizzle and the slow is moving closer to us and that is why we still going to have that sea breeze and mild conditions with the moisture hanging around. as we head through the week, you can see it starts to finally pull away tomorrow, saturday, sunday, and by sunday it has no influence on our weather and monday tuesday, and wednesday, summer is back with 90 inland
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and mid-to-upper 70's around the bay and low 60's at the coast. leyla gulen? okay, through 80 and cupertino, and 101, right up to the south bay freeway everything is looking clear but i want to give you a heads up starting tomorrow, the 2013 san jose jazz summer festival is going on at 5:00 p.m. and the bus lines will be rerouted in that area. we have this construction project over altamont pass eastbound side of 580 from greenville to flynn road with drainage work continuing out there lasting until 11:00 this morning and outside, from
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emeryville, traffic is starting to build as you make it over to treasure island and you get beyond the tunnels, you are look at top speeds. eric and kristen. >> thank you, seven things to know as you start the day. a popular nfl star helping the bay area students send a musical message. and colbert pulls o when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast, i need all the help i can get. that's why i like nutella. mom, what's the capital of west virginia? charleston. nutella is a delicious hazelnut spread my whole family loves. mom, have you seen my -- backpack? nutella goes great on whole-wheat toast or whole-grain waffles. and its great taste comes from a unique combination of simple ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. yeah, bye. have you seen my -- yes.
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>> blue are just joining us or headed out the door, number one, in a few hours contract talks will resume between bart and the
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unions as the two sides try to reach a labor deal. both sides may their cases before governor appointed panel and abc7 news reporter will have a report in a few minutes with the details. >> a 6,000 acre wildfire is threatening hundreds of homes in riverside county forcing the evacuation of 1,500 residents east of los angeles. ten structures have been destroyed since flames igniteed. >> there was a brazen home invasion robbery. two men went to a home and claimed to be pg&e workers and said they needed to check for a gas leak. when inside, they duct taped the residented and problem them of $1,800. >> a superior court judge will consider a lawsuit from the san mateo union high school district to get the advance placement test scores of 224 mills high school students re-instated. mills is in millbrae, and the
5:25 am
board that oversees the debts threw out the results after a student reported seating irregularities. >> five, a new state report released shows how climate change is affecting california since 1950, the three biggest forest fires have occurred in the past decade and spring run off from snow melt in the sierra has declined and the fall run salmon populations are declining and the coast has more acid. >> six, it is wet this morning, check out drizzle as we hook back to san francisco from emeryville. we will have a change with summer in the forecast even some 90's. >> seven, a look at the san mateo bridge where traffic is building but we still are 14 minutes from hayward to foster city with a problem in calistoga. that is coming up. >> thanks, leyla gulen. oakland students have a creative way to stress the response of going to school. they creates a video with a little help from the seattle
5:26 am
seahawks. the students picked "please don't stop the music." they changed it up, the sock, and created "i'm an oakland school kid." ♪ get moving >> i am in oakland. >> they dreaming about what they want do become when they grow up and singing about the importance of being on seem if school to achief their dreams. the oakland unified school district created the videoment at the elementary school. >> a musical story when things do not go as planned they end up better. colbert has a musical guest a last minute no show. >> when the band canceled, he got a few famous contacts and danced to the "get lucky."
5:27 am
the moves including shake on the stares with jeff bridges and fore secretary of state henry kissinger made a cameo. he didn't dance, though. the individual joe on under oh see it on tv. >> the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including the vow oakland police are making this morning after a father and son are killed inside a relative's home. >> breaking news, a mass shooting in texas loafs several people dead. ahead, an update from
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy thursday. it is 5:29. thank you for waking up early and joining us.
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>> drist and midzle. >> are you making fun of me? >> he is honoring you. >> honoring me, that is better. yes, watch out. the thickest is at half moon bay with visibility at 2.5 miles and the other reporting stations say ten miles but there is drizzle and mist hitting between the reporting stations. now, what will happen today, as we head throughout the afternoon, it will be sunny in the east bay and inland, south bay, and that is where we have the 70 to 78 degrees. around the bay, 64 to 74 and it will be cool at the coast into san francisco, at 59 to 63. now, the morning commute, leyla gulen has the details. >> we have a report about a car that went off the roadway and we have moist conditions and i certainly saw wet roads this morning. i want to make sure we are careful of our speeds and not driving too fast because the roadways can be slick.
5:31 am
in calistoga highway 29 at greenwood avenue it is shut down because of a fallen telephone pole. traffic is diverted at greenwood avenue. as we look at our drive time traffic, 580 is loading up tracy to dublin/pleasanton is 36 minutes and 33 minutes from antioch to concord and 101 san francisco to san rafael is 16 minutes. >> bart and union negotiators head back to the table with a strike looming large after revealing to a governor's panel how big of a gap exists between the two sides. abc7 news reporter kira klapper is in san francisco. kira? >> yes, good morning to you. the sides of $100 million apart. when you hear a figure like that it is no wonder they did not have a deal. both sides presented to the governor brown's panel yesterday. the board of inquiry heard five hours of testimony. bart management and the two
5:32 am
unions representing workers are at an embassy over wages, benefit and pension. bart management asked the governor to appoint the board with the purpose to listen to the actions and decisions this have brought negotiations to this point. the panel will deliver a report of their findings to the governor by the end of this week and the governor will decide whether to grant a 60-day cooling off per. the unions do not want that. here is the international union. >> we think a contract is needed. >> we want the trains continue to run while we negotiate. we do not want to slow things down. we want to get back and negotiate with a guarantee the trains will continue to run. >> bart management does want that cooling off period to happen because it would prevent the unions from being able to strike while both sides continue bargaining and, again, both sides returned to negotiations this morning at 9:00.
5:33 am
>> happening now, in southern california, more than 500 firefighters are battling a 6,000 acre wildfire in riverside county and burning out of control 85 miles east los angeles and at least citizen structures have already been consumed by fast-moving flames since the fire ignited yesterday afternoon. about 1,500 people have been evacuated in small mountain communities and three injured including two firefighters. there is no state on when it is expected to be contained. >> developing news in dallas, texas, where shootings have left four people dead and four others wounded. investigator say they found to people dead in a dallas home and two downtown shot victims. the suspects fled to a nearby suburb where he was involved in another shooting. miss found four people shot as a second location and two victims died. his took a suspect in custody at that location. >> oakland police say they are dedicating every resource available to catch the gunman
5:34 am
who shot in a home killing a father and his one-year-old son. 20-year-old andrew thomas and his son were sleeping in the home of a relative yesterday morning and shots rang out. andrew died instantly. his son died at the hospital. the mayor and police chief spoke in oakland and called for an end to the violence. >> this is absolutely unacceptable and we have children being shot while they sleep if their bed. the two in town were for a relative's birthday and extended the stay to family the funeral of a cousin shot and killed over the weekend. since 2011 five young shot were shot over the weekend two in the last movement oakland police are investigating a shooting a mile from theant violence media news conference and a hand was shot and seriously injured on mcarthur boulevard just before 9:00. officers found the map in front of a church.
5:35 am
it appears the slim was running from the suspect and the confrontation began if a nearby parking lot. victim was hilt several times by bullets and was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. investigators believe he was targeted. no are as is were with made. >> happening today if san francisco resolution democrats in the mission will have the opportunity to turn in their guns for cash and it is an effort to reduce violence in the neighborhood. similar gun buyback evens have taken place around the bay area and the supervisor who represents the myths district is donating $75,000 from his discretionary fund to pay for the gun boy back and it is happening in the parking lot of 22nd and camp from 6:00 to 8:00, $100 for regular guns, $200 for assault rifles. >> california prison official say up to a thousand inmates could be releasederly let because of a court order to ease overcrowding and the supreme court upheld a lower court ruling that forces the state to reduce the prison population by 10,000 by year end because of
5:36 am
dangerous overcrowding. the corrections department plans to transfer most prisoners to other facilities leaving a thousand with no place to go. >> richmond community leaders and homeowners planning to march to the branches of major banks to call on them to accept the city's offer to buy and restructure underwater meths. the city of richmond launched a ground-breaking new plan to help homeowner who owe more on their homes than they are worth. foil want to purchase the mortgages and help more than 600 homeowners refinance a new loan with a new rate. they would use the power of imminent domain to do it. three mortgage bond trustees responded by filing a suit in federal court calling for an injunction against richmond's map. >> a superior court judge will consider a lawsuit today from the san mateo union while district to get the we advanced placement test scores of 224 students re-instated and the board that oversees the tests
5:37 am
threw out the results of the pills while students after one reported that some students were seated at round tables and not facing the same directions as required. officials say the students were closely supervised and they are confident this was in cheating but if the results are not re-instated the 224 students have to study to take the exam again or they would be last to take a lower level course in a given subject when they enter college. >> there are new multi-millionaires this morning and they are the holders of three grand prize tickets in the powerball jackpot. a purchase was made in minnesota and new jersey and the jackpot will be split three ways after last minute ticket purchases reached $480 million the third largest ever jack p you will not share the grand prize you could cash in with numbering 5, 25,
5:38 am
30, 2358, 59, and powerball is 32. hour, not us. do you know how many in the office pool matched? >> two numbers. two numbers. two numbers. >> that is a stat. we can build on that. mike has the forecast. mike? >> we will start by talking about temperatures because of the moisture in the air this morning. we are 60 in oakland and san carlos is 61 and live more and 62 in fremont and san jose and mountain view is 63 and los gatos 60 san francisco is 58. antioch changed and what is the latest temperature at 56, and 59 in san ramon and napa and 67 in novato. we will have drizzle through 7:00 so watch out for the slick streets and slow warming because of slow sunshine and all of us in the 50's and 60's by noon with inland break out in the 70's and we stay in the 50's and 60's around the bay and to the
5:39 am
coast and all of us back in the 60's with the clouds returning by 7:00 and possibly drizzle developing by 10:00 or 11:00. the next throw days, a slow drying and slow warming trend with drizzle tomorrow morning and it will feel like fall with the dry air and two or three degrees warmer each day, friday, saturday, and sunday but they are coming in the seven citizen so stick around and leyla gulen has the traffic. >> we have a report of a spin out in santa rosa southbound 101 c.h.p. running a traffic break and it is blocking a lane. we are not looking at any delays south of highway 12 but we have this solo vehicle spinout that could be part of the wet roads. we will have this construction project that is going to last until 7:00 this morning and eastbound side of the bay bridge with the lower deck from fremont were i don't the tunnel, we will
5:40 am
see two lanes blocked and the cash-paying lanes are loaded up and it is slow-and-go over to treasure island and at look at the drive time traffic across the other bridges, richmond and san rafael is in good shape move along at top speeds and a look at the golden gate bridge you can see the road is a little bit wet and the headlights are glistening off of it so slow down the speeds. >> next, home invasion, the trick that, woulders used to get in a vallejo home. >> putting the most popular small vehicles to the crash test. you will want to know which a
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>> covering cupertino, concord and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. 5:23. vallejo police are warning resolution democrats to be careful who you let in your home after a home invasion robbery. two men posed at peg workers to force their way into a home claiming they needed to check for a gas leak. inside they pulled out guns, and pistol-whip as man and duct
5:44 am
taped him and a woman and a child. the man gave the suspects $1,800 so they would leave. the suspects are described as two men in their 30's one hispanic and the other black both with orange vests over regular clothes. police say this could be the third home invasion robbery of its kind in a month. >> before you buy small car, listen to the insurance institute for highway safety's latest crash test results. small cars did worse than mid-sized cars but they did better overall compared to small s.u.v.'s and only the two and four door honda civic earned the top rating and getting acceptable was dodge dart, ford focus, and hyundai and marginal rating, was the chevrolet sonic and beetle earning "poor" was
5:45 am
the corolla was not tested. >> the pentagon could give same sex spouses health care and housing and other benefits by the end of the month but they could drop a plan to give limited benefits like access to military stores to gay couples wore not married. a memo from defense secretary hagel proposes giving up to 10 days of leave to military personnel in same sex relationships so they can go to states to legally get married. >> in little league, a peninsula team got the top seed going into the semi finals of the little league western regional. a viewing party was held belmont to watch the belmont all stars play southern california and both were undefeated in pool play going into the game. belmont rallied for the win setting up the accept my final against arizona a team they shut out usuallier. now they are two wins from
5:46 am
clinching a spot in the little league world series and tomorrow the game against arizona will be televised at 6:00 p.m. on espn with the win are playing in the western region finals on saturday. author winning the pressure games as well as crushing opponents and that is a sign of a team that showing a lot going for them. on saturday they will have a tournament to raise some money for them so they can go to the finals. it can be very expensive. >> got some drizzle this morning, right? >> not so much. it is out there and it is making some wet areas this morning, maybe it did not fall where you are compared to yesterday and other areas could getting it. that is how random it is. live doppler 7 hd show it is drizzle only this morning. later today, threw tomorrow, the area of low treasure turning off
5:47 am
the coast will smart thunderstorms but they will be dry and the rain will be back before it reaches the ground but the lightning will not. as you heat something up to 50,000 degrees it could spark a fire. now we will talk about what doing open at home with mid- level clouds. we will see the morning sunrise tomorrow with the main layers compressing so it should easier to get rid of compared to yesterday and although we will have slow sunshine and below average temperatures it should be brighter half an hour or hour quicker than yesterday. mild tonight and more drizzle tomorrow for the commute and the summer warmth comes in the forecast next week, and some 90's, and look how far to the east the cloud deck penetrates to the central valley so it will be hard to get rid of but you can see by neuron it is out of the east bay and inland areas and part of the bay south of the maybe maybe cleared and the north by is cleared but for the
5:48 am
lower valleys along the marin county coast and a few holes in the cloud cover along the coast as we head through the afternoon hours. this is what it will do to the temperatures, we will be in the upper 70's at morgan hill can los gatos and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 70's, and santa cruz is 67. 68 in san mateo and low-to-mid for the rest peninsula and low-to-mid 60's along the coast and mid-60's in south san francisco and near 60 in the north bay benches but low-to-mid 70's in the valleys and from 63 in richmond to oakland at 66 to 70 is the warm spot in castro valley and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70's east bay. we will see more sun through the afternoon, and temperatures is 62 at 12:45 and warming up to 64 degrees. after the drizzle tomorrow we get the dry push of air on friday, and a couple of degrees
5:49 am
warmer on saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, and wednesday and then summer is back! >> very slow over the altamont pass and it is bumper-to-bumper traffic from tracy with solid brake lights in the westbound direction at 32 miles per hour and about 35 minutes an from tracy to dublin and over to treatment 680 is top speeds and the nimitz is looking clear and accident-free as we take you to san jose this is where we have the jazz summer fest starting tomorrow and through sunday and the bus lines will be rerouted so expect to see a delay so to san jose camera, that is 280 away from 17, and northbound side are the headlights and a few extra cars but running at top speeds. eric and kristen? >> abc7 news joins a community for abc7 news listens meeting if
5:50 am
san francisco's chinatown, and the we listens meeting are an opportunity for view wees to talking with us about events and issues affecting them, the discussion was hosted by abc7 news reporter and tead by the abc7 news management team. we heard about local objections doing good in the community including the asian women's shelter which helps survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking and we heard about the concerns surrounding poverty, immigration, and the response of city college and what will happen if it shuts down. [ inaudible ] where does she go? she does not have a place. >> our thanks to everyone who attended the meeting, if your group would like to team up with abc7 news to host the next meeting, go to our community payment at abc7 and click on the abc7 news "listens" meeting.
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we look forward to sharing the stories we learned last night so look for them in the future. >> preparing for the big one, california moves a step closer to an earthquake early were watching system. >> the ferry offers free rides and we will tell you when and what they hope you will do when you reach your destination. >> coming up in the 6:00 hour, edward snowden exposed secret government surveillance and this morning, we are lending the program is even wider than
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5:53 am
>> here is a picture from southern california, this is a
5:54 am
6,000 acre wildfire burning in riverside county which is out of control 85 miles east 6 los angeles. three have been injured including two firefighters. it is close to home, so 1,500 people have been evacuated in self of the small mountain communities. >> the ferry service is inviting riders to hop on for a free ride and the offer is good for the entire month of august, and an effort to boost the local economy and promote shopping and dining at marin county mart across the street from the ferry terminal valid weekdays between 8:30 in the only and 3:00 in the afternoon for the rest of the month. you can don't load a picture on >> we have mist and drizzle. mike? >> the key is they will find everyone if you travel around you see on the bay bridge as we look to san francisco, which we
5:55 am
cannot see because of the moisture in the air and reduced visibility, five degrees cooler than average, and 63 in oakland, and napa and san jose, nine degrees cooler-than-average, and livermore is 7515 degrees cooler-than-average. we uke ad about the thunderstorm potential in the high country to the northeast and that includes tahoe at 74 today, and yosemite to casey her extent at 86 and through the central valley it will be quiet, and 77 in los angeles today. leyla gulen? >> we have a report of a gas leak in burlingame which is where pg&e has been called out and traffic control is in effect. as we head over to highway four, this is looking lick a busy dry from antioch to pittsburg at ten miles per hour continuing in the westbound direction and it jumps up to 28 miles per hour and it opens up in concord with clear conditions across our mass transit caltrain and bart and muni and everything is on time and outside we go to a picture
5:56 am
of walnut creek southbound to 680 coming away from highway 4 to the 24 junction, it is nine minutes. eric and kristen this >> thank you, investigators think they know the cause of a shawl fire in san francisco's presidio that burned a couple of acres of grass near the national cemetery with no sites damaged. this area does not get fires because it is so foggy and it is now blamed on spontaneous combustion caused by grass clippings that created the flames. >> the first state-wide earthquake warning system is moving forward in sacramento at $80 million approved bill that goes before the appropriations committee. if approved, the earthquake system triggers alarms and sends warning text and tv messages across the effected region and it would help schoolchildren get to safe positions and shut down
5:57 am
transportation like bart. >> only on abc7 news we sit down with san jose's interim police chief and what he is revealing about the growing crime rate and the resignations and his lanes for the future. >> first, a massive new wildfire burning across southern california and we go to the front lines to hear from the people forced to glee their homes. >> later, the you it bill chronicling the life of steve jobs will hit the big screen with ashton kutcher playing the late apple co-founder.
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5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. now at 6:00, a massive wildfire burns out of control in southern california. well hear from the homeowners forced to flee the flames. >> bart and the unions return to the bargaining table. this morning, we know how far
6:00 am
apart they remain. >> only on abc7 news, a sit down interview with san jose's interim police chief. we ask him if he wants the job gulf time in the bay area's largest city. >> 6:00, thanks for joining us on thursday. mist and drizzle. mist and drizzle. mike will have the forecast. >> moist morning. look for the visibility and the thickest drizzle is along half moon bay at 1.5 miles visibility. you had .303" for the most drizzle to be found. it could be measurable in other areas but it is enough to make the streets slick this morning. if you are not careful, you may have a little bit of a spin intermediate if you gun it too hard. now, the bay day planner the next 12 hours drizzle through 7:00 and 58 and


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